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A lesson inspired by the NNWP's
Six by Six
Print Guide: Traits Writing for Little Writers

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About this lesson's author:

Ann Urie teaches first grade at Lenz Elementary in Reno, Nevada. She created this lesson while attending the Northern Nevada Writing Project's "Traits in the Primary Classroom" inservice class. She also keeps an online portfolio of some of her lessons here at WritingFix.

This Lesson:
Writing a Roundabout Story

Focus Trait:

Lesson's Mentor Text:

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
by Laura Numeroff

Thirty-six trait-based lessons for
primary writers can be found in:

The lesson on this page was inspired by the Northern Nevada Writing Project's Six by Six Guide. Click here to see how to order your own copy, which contains thirty-six trait lessons like the one found on this page.

Big Ideas behind this Lesson:

Trait Focus: Organization –The concept focus is organization as a structure that is imitate-able

Standards Addressed:


Ask how many children have heard or read the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff. Discuss what kind of story this is.

Most children have read or heard at least one version of this story and can identify the structure of the story as a “roundabout story. Ask the students what kind of words are used to connect one event in the story.




Tools Needed:




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