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Focus Trait: VOICE Support Trait: WORD CHOICE

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This Lesson's Title:

Emotional Recipe Write-ups

impersonating the voice of a coobook with a creative topic

This on-line lesson was built by WritingFix's webmaster, Corbett Harrison, who credits the lesson idea to his friend and mentor, Sue Martin.

The ideal "mentor text" that can be used when teaching this on-line lesson is any cookbook. Before writing, students should examine and discuss the writing style used to convey recipes in cookbooks

Click here to visit this lesson's author's favorite on-line recipe source.

Three-Sentence Overview of this Lesson:

The writer studies the format of well-written recipes, paying particular attention to the type of verbs used in the paragraph of instructions which always follow the list of needed ingredients.  Next, the writer thinks up a story or situation that would end with someone feeling or experiencing an interesting emotion, and a "list of ingredients" for that story or situation is brainstormed.  Finally, the writer writes about the entire story or situation in the format of a recipe, using as many kitchen verbs and nouns as possible.

6-Trait Overview for this Lesson:

The focus trait in this writing assignment is voice; the writer's task is to capture the sound of a real recipe for something that would not be written in such a way.  The support trait in this assignment is word choice; kitchen verbs and nouns (and perhaps even some adjectives) are required to complete the task properly..

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