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Emotional Recipe Write-ups

impersonating the voice of a coobook with a creative topic

Student Writer Instructions:

Ready for a fun challenge?  Using words, phrases, and the format of a real recipe from a cookbook, create an unlikely recipe for something you would not actually "whip up" in a kitchen.  Today's recipe will be for a human emotion.

Once you choose an emotion you want to write about, think up a story (real or fictional) where your chosen emotion would be the outcome.  First, think of all of the "ingredients" that are crucial to your emotional story or situation.  When you write your ingredients down, put some kitchen nouns (a pinch, a tablespoon, a dash, etc.) in front of a few. 

When your ingredients list is finished, write out the "step-by-step instructions" that would explain how to mix your ingredients together.  As you write your instructions, be sure to use lots of cooking verbs (whip, baste, broil, etc.) to give your writing the voice of a real recipe.

Share your emotional recipes with friends.  If you end up with enough unlikely recipes, you might have enough to create the first emotional cookbook.

Interactive Choices for Writing:

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