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About WritingFix: Publishing Student Writers
celebrating your students who succeed with the writing process

"Thank you very much for choosing my students' work [to publish at WritingFix]. It is indeed a wonderful source of motivation. Bravo! for your amazing site. It is a great resource for English Language Arts teachers like me. It makes our work easy and so much more fun." (Kaberi S., New Brunswick, Canada, teacher)

"My students saw their pictures on-line this morning! I've never seen them more excited to write more." (Laura D., Indiana teacher)

In 2006, after looking over our still-growing collection of on-line lessons, we asked ourselves, "What would make these lessons even more useable to teachers?" The answer we kept coming back to was "Student samples."

We set this long-term goal for ourselves: "By 2011, let's provide a range of student samples for every lesson and prompt featured at this website."

WritingFix is currently in the process of finding these samples. We started by collecting samples from Nevada teachers (which is where WritingFix began), but soon we began receiving e-mailed samples from all over the U.S.A. Now the entire globe has represented.

Any teacher who is thinking about submitting a student sample for possible publication should read the information provided on this page.

To post any student's piece of writing, you need to be a member of our Online Student Publishing Group at our site-sponsored Ning. Join today!

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We Safely Publish Student Writing:
Step 1: Post Your Students' Writing at our Blog/Ning:

Our goal is to celebrate students who have taken a WritingFix-inspired lesson or prompt all the way through the writing process. In doing this, keeping our students safe is our number one priority.

When we publish students and their photos as part of our on-line lessons, we only share their first names. We do not mention what school they come from or even what city or state they reside in. No information is shared that would allow someone to locate or contact the student writers or their teachers.

Once a student is published as part of the WritingFix collection, the student's teacher is sent the direct link where the student's writing can be found. We encourage the teachers to share this link with the student's parents and family.

Be advised that WritingFix's published student writing will be seen in classrooms everywhere; each lesson at WritingFix encourages the showing and discussion student samples as part of the teaching and learning process. If published, your student's writing will be seen by thousands and thousands of students from all over the globe.

Safe, on-line publishing--we know--is a powerful motivator when teaching the writing process.

Our goal in on-line publishing is to celebrate pieces of WritingFix-inspired student writing that made it through the entire writing process. Submissions must show evidence of student revision, and they must be edited before being sent to us. We will delete submissions that do not show evidence of editing.

If you have a student sample that you believe we should feature at the site, please post it at the publishing blog page we have set up for teachers to share. To find that page, look for the following at each lesson or prompt:

In the left-hand navigation margin at each lesson, you should see a link that looks like the picture at right. By clicking on this link, you will be taken to a page at our blog that asks you to post. To post, you must be a member of our blog and its interest-group for publishing students; if you're not, look for the links in the upper right-hand portion of the blog page. Look for "Sign up" or "Join Online Student Publishing."

Once you are a member, you can post. Underneath the post at the publishing blog, you will find a box where you can either type or copy/paste the students' writing. You may also attach word processing documents or photos of writing as your means of sharing.

If you cannot find the lesson's publishing blog page, you may contact us at publish@writingfix.com

Step 2: Some Writing Moves over to the WritingFix Website
Step 3: Celebrate your Students Who are Chosen

Each December and then again in May, we contact between 25-40 teachers who have most recently submitted student work by posting it at our blog (step #1--above). We select these teachers based on the quality of the writing they have submitted from their students. Their students' final drafts have been selected to become a permanent part of the lesson over at the WritingFix site.

In exchange for a free copy of one of the NNWP's Print Publications, we ask the 25-40 teachers to help us obtain two things from the student(s) and the parents.

  1. a signed permission slip from the student's parents or guardians, and then fax that permission slip to our NNWP office; and
  2. obtain a clear, in-focus digital photo of the student writer that we can publish alongside the student's writing.

Student samples are embedded into the lessons at WritingFix so that future classrooms using the same lesson can make use of model-inspired discussions during pre-writing, drafting, responding to, and/or revising. Student samples are just one of our webmaster's 7 Elements of a Differentiated Writing Lesson WritingFix Workshop.

As our thanks for helping us obtain publishable student samples, we send each of the 25-40 teachers one of the NNWP's print publications. Teachers may choose from the following publications: The Writing Across the Curriculum Guide, The Reading in the Content Areas Guide, The Going Deep with 6-Trait Language Guide, and The Going Deep with Compare and Contrast Thinking Guide. Visit this link to learn more about these great print resources from the NNWP.

As of June 2011, we have just over 800 students from around the world published at our many lessons. Our goal for December of 2011 is to feature a student writer from every state in the United States. The following states have yet to be represented with published student pieces at our website:

This year, we especially want to obtain student samples from these thirteen non-represented states:

  • Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Maine, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, Wyoming.

Help us celebrate your writers from everywhere!

Starting in 2011, we will be also sending an official WritingFix Certificate of Accomplishment to teachers so they can give them to the students whose work has been published. We hope that teachers will help make a big deal out of these certificates, celebrating the students' accomplishments in a ceremonious way. Doing so, we believe, will act as a huge motivator for your students the next time you teach using a WritingFix lesson or prompt.

Students Who've Been Safely Published at WritingFix. You Can't Tell Where They're From, Can You?
(Click on the sample to be taken to the assignment that inspired the writing)

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