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Point Poems

telling a story of a lesson
learned through someone
else's perspective


Student Writer Instructions:

Think about a time when you have faced an important choice. How did you make your decision? Were you influenced by anyone else? Did you talk to someone about your choice? Did you make your decision based on past experiences you’ve had? What factors weighed in on your final decision? Did you learn a lesson from the choice you made?

After reading a few excerpts from Ellen Hopkins’ Crank, you will examine the choices Kristina makes about a very important decision involving drug addiction. Think about Kristina’s decisions she makes in these excerpts and how at certain points, she may have been able to leave behind some of her bad choices. Also, take note of Ellen Hopkins’ unique writing style. She tells Kristina’s story completely through poetry! What effect do you think this has on the story? What story might you tell through poetry? What are the pros and cons of telling a story through poetry?

After reading the excerpts from Crank, you will think of a character you would like to write about and a choice that character faces. Your job will be to imitate Ellen Hopkins’ poetic writing style by telling your character’s story through a series of six poems. You might also want to try to include a turning point for your character in which they could leave behind a bad choice. Would your character take advantage of that turning point? Or, like Kristina, will your character stay on a path of bad decisions?

As you think about the character and the choice they will face, focus on the ideas you will use in your writing to show what your character is going through. You will also want to focus on your character’s voice – how might he or she convey the feelings involved with this important choice?

Interactive Choices for Writing:

Press the first buttons below to help you create a character and possibly a setting. Press the second button to think about what type of lesson your character might learn.


(It's okay to come up with your own person/place for this activity, if you think of a better one.)


(It's okay to come up with your own "lesson learned" for this activity, if you think of a better one.) 

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