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A Chapter Book Writing Lesson from WritingFix
Focus Trait: ORGANIZATION Support Trait: WORD CHOICE

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Welcome to this Lesson:

Beyond Once Upon a Time... or One Day I...

revising ordinary sentences into strong leads, then launching an original story that uses one

This lesson was built for WritingFix after being proposed by Nevada teacher Jenelle Sumrall at an AT&T-sponsored in-service class for teachers.

The mentor text:

Crispin: the Cross of Lead has a great first paragraph, and this lesson chalelnges students to find new techniques for "hooking" readers.

This is a writer's notebook-friendly lesson! This write-up has been recently revised to incorporate the creation of a writer's notebook page as part of its pre-writing process. A teacher model of the notebook page can be seen at left. On the teacher instructions page for this lesson you can read the step-by-step instructions for this writer's notebook task , which makes use of our webmaster's "Margin Mascot," Mr. Stick.

You can visit WritingFix's Writer's Notebook Resources Homepage to access more lessons and prompts revised to inspire effective modeling of writer's notebooks for our student writers.

A great classroom resource!

Three-Sentence Overview of this Lesson:

Students are so used to hearing stories that start with the words Once upon a time…and when writing their own stories, they often begin with these same words or with variations like One day I... This writing lesson challnges students to transform an ordinary introductory sentence into an extraordinary introductory sentence. After creating a writer's notebook page that celebrates three original "showing leads," students, create the story that would follow their best powerful introduction.
: click here to access the entire lesson plan.

6-Trait Overview for this Lesson:

The focus trait in this writing assignment is organization; the writer’s goal is to begin his/her writing by exploring strong leads that would grab the reader's attention. The support trait in this assignment is word choice; once students have grabbed the reader’s attention with a good introduction, they will keep the reader’s attention by using color and texture words within their original stories.

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