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Beyond Once Upon a Time... or One Day I...

revising ordinary sentences into strong leads, then launching an original story that uses one


Student Writer Instructions:

Are you ready to craft an introduction to a story that your reader will not want to put down? Well, here is your chance!

You will be inspired by the first paragraph, chapter one, of Crispin: The Cross of Lead by Avi. He will show you how to be creative and reach for that new beginning.

Step #1: Your first writing task today is to choose a boring lead, and then turn it into a strong lead. The worksheet your teacher will hand you will challenge you to come up with four better leads for one boring one. Use powerful language, and don't use “to be” words.

Step #2: Share your revised leads with friends to decide on the best one. Then, think what the story that follows your lead might be about.

Step #3: Draft your story using the ideas you brainstormed while thinking and talking with your classroom peers.


Interactive Choices for Writing:

Press the button below and choose a boring lead that you know you could make much better!


(If you can think of a better boring lead, then do it!)


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