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Writing to your
Favorite Author

composing a letter by first
brainstorming great questions


Student Writer Instructions:

Today you will write a friendly letter to an author. Your letter must perfectly match the format of a friendly letter. You will share information about yourself. Then, you will ask the author two or three relevant questions that you genuinely would like an answer to.

First, press the first button below to help you choose an author to write to.  Select one you are familiar with from the list, or ask permission of your teacher to write to one of your own choosing. 

Next, press the second button three times until you find a series of questions to answer in your letter, telling the author you are writing to about yourself. Don't choose just any question; choose only questions that--if answered--would tell the author something genuinely important about you.

Finally, decide on two or three interesting questions to ask your author. You might ask about one of his/her books, or you might ask about his/her life. You might even do some research on your author to find two to three interesting facts about that person that you could ask about. When you ask the questions in your letter, share details on why you are interested in the answer.

Interactive Choices for Writing:

If you're struggling to start, click the buttons below for some ideas that might inspire you to launch your piece of writing.


Could you write to this author?

(It's okay to come up with your own author to write to, if you're not inspired by any of ours!)

In introducing yourself, could you answer this question interestingly?

(It's okay to come up with your own questions here, if you're not inspired by any of ours!)



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