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"Voicing" a Believable Account

How would it feel to really wear someone else's skin?

Student Writer Instructions:

As your teacher reads you three different scenes from the book The Sisters Grimm, Book #2: The Unusual Suspects by Michael Buckley and Peter Ferguson, sketch the scenes you "see" as your teacher reads.  After you've listened and sketched the scenes, share your drawings with your classmates.  What words did the author use to cause images to come to life and inpire the drawings that you did?  Explain and discuss.  

Today, you will be writing your own vivid scene. First, think about where (setting) your story will take place.  What types of things will you find in this place, and what words would make the place come alive?  You will need to create a scene that your readers can easily picture in their minds - and possibly even draw! 

Use the interactive buttons below to help you create your story. Click buttons 1, 2, and 3 to choose:

  1. A place where your story might happen.
  2. An unusual character that might be in your scene.
  3. An object that might be found in the scene.

Interactive Choices for Writing:

If you're struggling to start, click the buttons below for some ideas that might inspire you to launch your piece of writing.


How would... ...

react to  ?


A conflict to give your character's narrative more voice:

(It's okay to think of your own character, situation, or conflict idea, if you can't find one you like here.)


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