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Down on
the Farm

the place where dreams come to life

Student Writer Instructions:

In Harris and Me by Gary Paulsen, Harris has invented several imaginary places and events that take him away from the farm.

Harris and his cousin imagine different places and invent different games to occupy their time on the farm. Each day brings a new adventure and a new place in which to keep themselves busy. The summer seems to fly by as they explore every inch of land on the Larson’s farm.

You will be writing a short story about life on a farm for a young child and his/her cousin. You will be the main character and you will be writing from his/her point-of-view. Your story will take you to far away places and tell of many cool adventures.

Remember to use good word choice (i.e. the brainstorming activity), and remember to practice authentic- sounding voice in your writing!


Interactive Choices for Writing:

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Choose an exiting place to explore & an adventure:



(Don't be afraid to think of your own places and adventures, if you can't find ones you like here.)


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