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You're on a Gigantic Roll

using quality details and strong verbs
like Roald Dahl


Student Writer Instructions:

In Roald Dahl's novel James and the Giant Peach, the character James goes on a global adventure while taking a wild ride in and on a giant peach. Along the way, he makes friends and discovers strengths within himself.

Today you will be writing a descriptive paragraph of something rolling through/over a specific setting.  We know you have some great ideas, but if you get stuck and need a little help, use the interactive buttons below. Button #1 will help you pick your rolling object and button #2 will help you pick your paragraph's setting.  Finally, use the graphic organizer to come up with the best sights and sounds you can imagine.

Interactive Choices for Writing:

If you're struggling to start, click the buttons below for some ideas that might inspire you to launch your piece of writing.


To begin writing your paragraph, choose a giant rolling object and a setting to begin your adventure:



(Don't be afraid to think of your own object and setting, if you can't find ones you like here.)


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