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Welcome to this Lesson:

The Skin
You're In

diary entries from historical characters that parallel life

This lesson was developed after being proposed by NNWP Teacher Consultant Denise Boswell during an AT&T-sponsored in-service class for teachers. Denise is WritingFix's HistoryFix Coordinator.

The mentor text:

The Skin I'm in is a beautifully crafted chapter book, and it can be used to inspire historical fiction and historical diaries from your students.

Three-Sentence Overview of this Lesson:

 Inspired by the main character’s attempt to deal with the circumstances of her life in The Skin I’m In, students will create a diary entry for a historical character that somehow parallels their own lives.  In Flake's novel, Maleeka transforms herself through her writing by creating diary entries for a girl on a slave ship.  Students will think up a historical character whose life's events might parallel the events in their own lives, and they will create a sensory-filled diary entry from the voice of that character.   Teachers: click here to read the entire lesson plan.

6-Trait Overview for this Lesson:

The focus trait in this writing assignment is idea development; the writer’s goal is to create a diary entry that includes interesting, high-quality details, especially sensory details.  The support trait of this assignment is word choice; incorporating sensory-based adjectives, verbs, and nouns into the diary entry is something that will be stressed before the students begin their rough drafts.

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