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Actions Speak Louder
than Words

creating a character sketch inspired by an interesting verbs and actions that show


Student Writer Instructions:

Today you will be writing a detail-filled description of a character. Borrowing from the writing style of Sharon Creech, you will show us at least two personality traits of the character you are describing with words.

First you need to choose a character. You can write about someone you actually know or a character you invent in your head. Pressing the buttons below might give you an idea of someone to write about for this assignment.

Once you have a character, you need to think of some interesting personality traits for that person. Avoid traits like nice; we know you can think of more intriguing character traits than that.

After you have a character and some traits to choose from, your teacher should give you a graphic organizer to help you brainstorm actions. Choose interesting actions that would prove your character is the traits you have chosen to show. Interesting actions are what will make your character sketch interesting...so choose carefully. Be unique. Be unexpected.

When your graphic organizer is completed, create a character sketch that would help a reader see the person you are writing about. You might want to have--at least--two paragraphs in your sketch: a paragraph for each of the traits you are showing.

If you get stuck, look at Sharon Creech's writing for inspiration. I think you will find it there! Have fun. Happy writing.


Interactive Choices for Writing:

If you're struggling to start, click the buttons below for some ideas that might inspire you to launch your piece of writing.

Can you write a character sketch for this type of person?



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