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A WritingFix Project: Alphabet Books across the Curriculum
inviting teacher users of WritingFix to share their favorite alphabet book lesson ideas

My name is Karen McGee, and I love alphabet books. As a former primary teacher, I collected them with abandon. For about 15 years I was the co-teacher of the Writing Project's Summer Open Class (a workshop designed to teach teachers better ways to use writing in their classsrooms), first with Neil Fockler and later with Ellen Fockler, Corbett Harrison, Liesel O’Hagen, and Robin Griffin. In the early years while teaching with Neil, I suggested that we ask our participants to write their own alphabet books.

Those first books were crude at best, but we were delighted with them. We especially enjoyed having our students work in groups, selecting topics they were interested in and sharing their efforts with the larger group. They enjoyed the project because they could split the alphabet and thereby split the work, and they lost some of their self-consciousness because the group shared the final product. There was lots of laughter and some "ooo’s" and "ahhh’s." The alphabet book became an OPEN tradition.

In later years, as we kept and displayed some of the better student models, we discovered that our students began putting more effort into their finished product; many of them spent long hours after class to produce models for us that they knew would be displayed for future teacher audiences. Some of the models were so wonderful that later during the year, teachers would request that I send them the models so that they could share them with their own students. Some of the more memorable books we received but could not use with younger students because of the content were: The Alphabet Book of Beer (the four teachers bought and tasted beer using every letter of the alphabet), The ABC’s of Truckin’ (the three teachers drove to UNR from Fallon sixteen times and found a truck to represent every letter of the alphabet), An ABC Book About the Pre-professional Pitfalls of Teaching in the Classroom (the title tells all), and The ABC’s of a Typical Bachelor’s Refrigerator (written by three women.) Some of the books we loved are: The ABC Book of Multiculturalism, The ABC’s of Conversation, Excuses A-Z, Aletteration: An Alphabet Book, Alpha Bemania Crazies, Random Acts of Kindness Through the ABC’s, The ABC Yellow Pages of Reno Restaurants (pictured at right), The ABC Book of T-Shirts, Alphabet Exstravaganza (an alphabet book of alphabet books), All New Awesome Bi-lingual Cool Better-than-ever Book For Kids, An Artist’s Alphabet (see Sandra Young’s Art & Writing Project Page because she was one of the authors of this book), The ABC’s of Dogs. One of the books, which I no longer have but which became amazing teaching tool for the teachers who made it was The Alphabet Book of the Donner Party.

This online project at WritingFix is my attempt to share some of those alphabet lessons with you. Below we are providing some model lessons to inspire you to share your own. Our hope is that this page will become a place where teacher-users of WritingFix can "give back" to our site by providing alphabet book lessons and samples from your classrooms.

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Two Favorite Nevada Alphabet Books:

Tomorrow's Alphabet

T is for Teachers

Four Model Alphabet Book Lessons/Projects
The goal of this newly-developing page at WritingFix is to encourage teacher-users from everywhere to share their favorite alphabet book projects. The following four lessons are provided as a model for the type of write-ups we are currently seeking. Teachers who create write-ups that we ultimately post here on this page will be sent complimentary copies of Print Publications created by the Northern Nevada Writing Project.
Three lessons by Karen McGee
A lesson from Corbett Harrison

State ABCs

inspired by Eleanor Coerr's
S is for Silver: A Nevada Alphabet Book

inspired by Eleanor Coerr's
A my name is ALICE

Plan an Amazing Sleep-over!

inspired by Anne Whitford Paul's
Everything to Spend the Night, from A - Z

Serendipitous Story Settings

inspired by Jim Aylesworth's
Old Black Fly

Lesson Write-Ups from Teacher Contributors
Karen's ABC Book Bibliography
Your Name Here?
From Nevada Teacher, Jodie Black
Your Name Here?

Soon we will have an on-line version of this list, which will give you access to great deals on all of Karen's books.

In the meantime, enjoy this temporary version of Karen's favorite alphabet books from her extensive collection.

Your Lesson Here?

Click here to share a summary of one of your favorite alphabet book lessons or projects? If we end up posting your idea, you can earn complimentary copies of NNWP Print Guides.

Environmental Alphabets

inspired by Stephen T. Johnson's
Alphabet City

Your Lesson Here?

Click here to share a summary of one of your favorite alphabet book lessons or projects? If we end up posting your idea, you can earn complimentary copies of NNWP Print Guides.


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Digital Photograph Examples of Alphabet Book Lessons/Projects
(Click on the images to see them in larger form)
Two Math Alphabet Projects:
Cultural/Multicultural Projects:

The Twenty-Six Sided
Math Alphabet Book

The Math Vocabulary
Alphabet Windsoc

from the
Multiculturalism Alphabet Book...

from the Bilingual Alphabet Book...
Two Language Arts Examples:
An Art Example:
We're Seeking More Exmples :

from the Alliteration Alphabet Book...

from the Letters that Announce their Names Alphabet Book...

from the Alphabet Book of Crayon Colors...



Post digital photos of great pages from your students' alphabet books at this posting page. If we move the photo over to this WritingFix Page, we'll send you a complimentary NNWP Print Resource!


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