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A Writing and Art Project from WritingFix
Writing Project: Color Personification Poems Art Project: Watercolor Art

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I Am [a Color] Art

This writing and art project was authored by Northern Nevada teacher Sandra Young. This page contains the lesson plan for the art portion of this lesson. Click here to view the accompanying writing lesson plan.

Here is Sandra's teacher model of what the final student product will look like:

Sandra's Lesson Overview:

Lesson Materials:

Lesson Materials:

Art Lesson Instructions:

  1. Prepare art paper in advance. Larger watercolor paper works best (11 x 15) is a good size. Use the painter’s tape to divide the paper into six boxes. The tape stays on the watercolor paper throughout the entire painting process and is not taken off until the project is finished.

  2. Pre-teach the color wheel, primary colors = red, yellow, and blue, secondary colors = orange, green, and purple. Have students make or supply a color wheel for the students to help plan their art project. Many books are available that teach color concepts. An example would be White Rabbit’s Color Book by Alan Baker.
  3. Next, discuss complimentary colors – red and green, blue and orange, purple and yellow, and if you have those students who choose black, white will have to be the opposite.
  4. Suggest that students use their favorite color and its compliment for their art project.
  5. Distribute the divided art paper and a piece of scratch paper. Students need to come up with 6 items they want to paint in their favorite color. (See sample pictures.) Children can pre-draw on scratch paper before putting the drawing onto the watercolor paper. When they do draw on the watercolor paper, remind the students to draw very lightly.
  6. Now, the students need to trace their pencil lines in the compliment of their favorite color. (If red is the favorite color they will need to outline their drawings in green etc.)
  7. Watercolors come next. So that there is variation in color allow the children mix other colors from the color wheel into their favorite color. For example add a little purple to blue, or red, or yellow. The variations will be exciting. They need to paint the background also in a different shade or hue.


Some Teaching "Hints" from this Lesson's Author:

  • If you do not want to use painter’s tape, the boxes can be made by using white crayon and the students will just have to be careful when painting. Model the process before students begin their project.


Student Art Samples:

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