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Focus Trait: VOICE Support Trait: IDEA DEVELOPMENT

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Your Personal
"Dream Team"

designing a program (like a sporting event's program) for a different type of dream team

Student Writer Instructions:

Your teacher should have guided you through the first two graphic organizers, and had you listen to the song. If not, you can do these on your own so you are ready to draft a copy of your final project.

Your final project will be a “program” that showcases your own dream team. You can use the second graphic organizer to help you draft your program. The team that you create consists of 6-8 people, their pictures, their role description, and a 4-6 sentence overview. This overview is the heart of the writing for this project. It should include an inspirational and creative summary of the person, how they fit on the team, their experience, and/or why they made the team. These will be personalized…these are your “peeps”. Your voice and passion should come through in your writing.

Remember your supporting trait, idea development, which asks for a message to drive your writing. After you draft an overview for the first person on your team, go back a re-read your description; is there a message in there somewhere or is it just dry information? At the same time, remember your audience. It would be as if you handed out this program at the Olympics (your figurative Olympics) for others to see and understand who you chose for your team and why.

Finish the project on your own and turn in a final, completed draft that looks professional and that you are proud of. This is your dream team.


Interactive Choices for Writing:

If you're struggling to come up with six people for your dream team, click the buttons below for ideas that might make you think of a person to put on your team.

When might you need someone's inspiration and what inspires you?




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