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My Big Break!

introducing oneself with an organized essay and a creative People Magazine cover

Student Writer Instructions:

Let's plan on this being your best school year ever. Let's call this school year your "Big Break!"

Today you will be writing an introductory essay about yourself, focusing on your dreams for the upcoming academic year.

Inspired by the song "Breakaway," you will imagine that this school year will become your "Big Break"--so big, in fact, that your writing will be accompanied the cover of People Magazine that features your face!

Be inspired, and dream big but be realistic; your writing should not be outlandish fiction based on unobtainable goals; instead, it will capitalize on exploring your strengths and passions. What do you have going for you that would help you make your "big break" at our school?

Here is the cover you will create when your essay has been written, revised, and edited:



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