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An I-Pod Inspired Poetry Lesson from WritingFix

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Welcome to this Lesson:

Favorite Things

...a poem about three phases
of life that borrows its rhythm from Rodgers & Hammerstein

This lesson was proposed by Nothern Nevada teacher Shannon Devereaux during an iPods Across the Curriculum Workshop for teachers. The Northern Nevada Writing Project proudly sponsors these workshops annually.

This writing prompt inspired by

"My Favorite Things" from the musical,
The Sound of Music

Click here to do a Google search for the lyrics.

Three-Sentence Overview of this Lesson:

Using the song My Favorite Things from the musical, The Sound of Music, (as well as a video clip and excerpt from a mentor text) as inspiration, students will create their own song or poem (to the same tune) that lists their favorite things. Each verse will focus on their favorite things throughout a specific time during their lives (childhood, now and in the future), noticing how their favorite things have evolved throughout the years, projecting their continued evolution into adulthood. Students will also be introduced to various types of rhyme and practice using them in their own song/poem. Teachers: Click here to see the entire lesson plan.

6-Trait Overview for this Lesson:

The focus trait for this activity is idea development as writers will reflect back on their lives, analyzing what their favorite things were as children and continuing through adulthood. The support trait is word choice, for students will use various types of rhyme to find patterns that work best for their own song/poem, and students will talk about the imagery in the song as they expand on their own favorite things.

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