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Advice to Youth on Things now GONE

examining personal philiosophies about life and time with an original poem or song

Student Writer Instructions:

Listen to “Gone” by Switchfoot and read the poem “To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time” by Robert Herrick \

Think about what each song is saying about life and things that are gone. What is the bigger message presented by the two artists? What ideas and words stuck out as you listened? Did anything resonate with your own experience and ideas? What is your personal belief about life and time?

Once you have the artists’ points of view and explored your own perspective, you will choose to write a personal piece OR choose a character from the novel you are reading and write a piece from their perspective. How do you or they view or feel life and time? Use metaphors that work well to describe your or his/her beliefs? Write a poem or song lyrics to express your belief. Feel free to steal ideas from other songs or the work we examined.

If you need help finding a metaphor/s for life and time, click on the interactive button below.


Interactive Choices for Writing:

If you're struggling to begin your poem about life, click the button below for ideas for metaphors you might explore.

Life is...


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