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Color my World Grey and Blue

exploring color and its effect on
mood and setting

Student Writer Instructions:

Like the Dave Matthews Band did with their song “ Grey Street,” you will be writing your own free verse poem or song that is inspired by both a color and a place. Free verse poetry is a fun form of poetry because it is mostly patterned after speech and images.  Another great thing about free verse poetry is that you have the freedom to play with sentence lengths, without worrying about getting your words to rhyme!

Listen carefully while your teacher reads the descriptions of colors and how they correspond to different moods and emotions. Does any particular color or mood stand out to you? Jot down a couple of colors and their corresponding moods that interest you on your graphic organizer. Now it is time to start thinking about a setting.

Do you have a favorite place you enjoy visiting? What memories or emotions do you associate with it? Jot those down on the graphic organizer as well. Do the colors you wrote down earlier match up with the place you have chosen?

If you are still having trouble deciding on a color or setting, have fun playing with the interactive buttons below until you find one that grabs your attention! There are many to choose from!

Which setting and mood go together in your writer's mind?




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