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Color my World Grey and Blue

exploring color and its effect on
mood and setting

A song by the Dave Mathews Band is currently inspiring student writers to explore idea development and word choice. Join us in teaching (and adapting) this on-line lesson and sharing your students' work.

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Student Samples: Middle School

by Kim, eighth grade poet

Sadness fills the air as she walks among the dead,
for they cannot see her.
She blends in with the darkness, black,
if dead she is seen.
She will fill the stomach of Cerberus.

She walks upon bones and death.
Angry souls rise from the ground,
an attempt to escape
from the misery and pain which is wished upon them.

She wanders around using her hands to guide the way,
no luck.
She has no choice but to sit and await her fate.

In the distance there is black and nothingness but,
could it be the pits of Satan’s home?
Or the underworld of which creatures room it from?

There is no red, nor orange or burning pits of fire,
for it cannot be Satan’s home.
She is in the underworld
where color is nothing.
Creatures are awaiting,
and her soul is black, blacker than black itself.
She’s colorless.

(Click here to view/print Kim and three of her classmates' poems)

Student Samples: High School

by Dania, eleventh grade poet

It is so calming, so relaxing, it is my comfort
It makes me think of you
It is the color of the trees by the lake where I taught you to swim
It is the color of your gorgeous eyes
My dear cousin
It makes me think of Washington
An alien planet
It makes me feel at home
My dear cousin
My best friend
You and those freckles
My beautiful experiment
It’s the color of your dirt bike and the leaves that engulf our tree house
My cousin and I

Bloody, Red Flag
by Annette, twelfth grade poet

Bloody pain-filled rag
Inspired by everything I learned to hate
Wearing it like a red flag
Induces all the rage

Signifying your pride
Both of us on different sides of the color board
What color is right?
Together we make purple

I’ve learned to despise you
For the crimes you have committed towards me
The things you do
Have molded the person I turned out to be

But confusion explodes in my mind
My bloody scarlet love
Change has come to this time
You have sent me a peace dove

Giving me two important gifts
Friendship and love
After all the water rifts
Presenting me with all I asked from up above

Now I’m stuck between two walls
Which one to climb?
As all the hate starts to fall
Which choice do I take as mine?

I embrace you my love with open arms
As I try to repair all the harm
As hate turns to love
Prayers are answered from the heavens up above
Now I see you understand what I’m about
My scarlet friend you I can’t live without

Things of Grey
by Beth, twelfth grade poet

Twilight mist around a castle
Rain on cobblestone streets
A teardrop on a diary page
The blurring of a memory

Clouds over the mountaintops
Spots on a dappled mare
A dead campfire’s remains
The piercing eyes of a soldier
Old and scratchy wool blankets
Bitter cold winter mornings

And rapidly fading dreams

(Click here to view/print Dania, Annette, and Beth's poems)

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