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poetically examining contradictory situations in the world around us

Student Writer Instructions:

When we look around the world we live in, we often see a difference between perception and reality. For example, think about the perceptions the media creates for us. We often see movie stars living a “charmed” life or watch commercials that tell us exactly what we need to be popular or accepted by society.

When you listen to “Inaudible Melodies” by Jack Johnson and “She” by Green Day, you will see that these artists use a paradox to show the difference between perception and reality. A paradox is statement or concept that contains conflicting ideas. Even though a paradox is a contradictory statement, we can often find some truth in it. For example, the paradox “less is more” is a contradictory statement that many people can find truth in.

Now it is your turn to brainstorm some situations in which there might be a difference between perception and reality. Use the interactive buttons to come up with some situations in which you could write a paradox to show the contradiction. Once you have come up with a paradox you like, you will write a free verse poem in order to further comment on the contradictory situation your paradox reveals.

As you brainstorm ideas for your poem based on the paradox you have come up with, think about what words you will use to effectively show the difference between perception and reality. Also, think about the tone or mood you want to create with your poem. Maybe you will create a tone of sadness, sarcasm, comedy, or mocking with your poem. Think about how you will include your voice in your writing to create a certain tone.

You may want to refer to the lyrics of each song as you are writing to get ideas for your free verse poem.

What paradoxical topic and location might inspire your poem?



(Of course it's okay to come up with your own circumstance and place for this writing prompt.)


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