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Things I Love Poems & Songs

exploring things you love in a poem or in a song

Student Writer Instructions:

In her book , I Love, Brigitte Minne helps us think about a variety of things that we love-- things that we love to do, things that we love to see or feel, things that we love to eat, and people that we love. Feel free to explore both big and little things that you love like: building a 1000-piece Lego structure or stroking the soft skin of your grandmother’s arm or eating your mother’s mac and cheese casserole. You might love to make the first footprints in the snow or roll down a hill in the grass on a hot summer day. You might love to have your dad tuck you in at night or your grandfather tell you bedtime stories. Maybe you love jumping off the diving board or searching for gorgeous gems.

On the internet, you can play Tom T. Hall’s song called “I Love.” You can also see the lyrics for his song so that you can sing it with him. Get the tune of the song in your mind. Then when you are ready to write your song, you will write each line and then sing it so that your words fit with the rhythm of the song.

To start your writing, press the button below to choose some ideas of things that you really do love. Look through the entire list by clicking the button over and over. If any of the words or phrases work for you, feel free to use them.

Use the template given to you by your teacher to write your first draft.


Interactive Choices for Writing:

If you're struggling to start, click the buttons below for some ideas that might inspire you to launch your piece of writing.

What are some ideas for Things You Love?

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