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A Compare & Contrast Lesson
Linear & Exponential Growth Poetry

a poem for math class inspired by increasing numbers

Student Writer Instructions:

Today, you are going to write a poem to illustrate the difference between linear and exponential growth. You’ve seen linear growth in the video, “Naughty Number Nine” and the Coke commercial. Exponential growth was “My Hero, Zero” and the Powers of Ten video. Now it’s your turn.

First choose a base number. Any number except zero or one will do. The larger your base value, the larger the differences will be.

Next choose a unit of measurement. This can be length (feet, cm, inches, etc), weight (lbs, kg, oz, etc), distance (miles, km, yards, etc), temperature, money, people, cars, or whatever you think of.

Use the organizer your teacher gave you to work out the numbers and brainstorm ideas to represent the values. Remember that the ideas in each line have to be related. It’s ok to do some research to find ideas to represent the large numbers. Your representations don’t have to be exactly equal to you numbers, but they do need to be close. Example: Don’t tell me that $1,000,000 makes you the richest man in the world. Look up Warren Buffet.

Then write you masterpiece.

Choose a base number of _______ and units of ____________.

Ideas for your Base Number and Unit Choices:

Click the buttons and see if an idea for your poem occurs to you...




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