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I Say to You Today...
I Have a Dream!

writing speeches about personal dreams and ideological beliefs

A song by U2 and the words of Martin Luther King, Jr., are inspiring student writers to try new techniques with the traits of idea development and word choice. Join us in teaching (and adapting) this on-line lesson and sharing your students' work.

You can publish up to three of your students' edited and finished stories at this page.

Use these samples to inspire your student writers! Discussing the strengths of published student samples before, while, and after using this on-line assignment is important. If your students are engaged in trait- or skill-inspired discussions about any of the samples we've posted here, they will produce better writing, especially if you help them take their writing all the way through the writing process.

Thank you, those who share their students' writing with us.

Student Samples Still Being Sought:
Grades 7, 9, 10, 11, 12

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WritingFix is currently seeking additional student samples from this writing assignment that can be featured in this space. Submitted student work must show evidence of revision, editing, and the final draft must be typed and sent through e-mail. Teachers: if you can help us obtain one, two or three student samples, along with a digital photo of the student(s) and a signed permission slips, we will send you either a complimentary copy of one of the Northern Nevada Writing Project's print publications.

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Student Samples: Elementary

I Have a Dream
by Nicole, fourth grade writer

I say to you today that we have come a long way in equality and rights for all men, women and children since the 1960’s!

I have a dream that we can achieve even more on equality, and rights in other countries.

I have a dream that America and other nations will learn to think equally about each other.

I have a dream that families will not fight but cooperate with words and not aggressive actions.

I have a dream that Barack Obama can stop the war and bring peace between other countries and us!

I have a dream today.

I have a dream that Barack Obama will provide Health Care and other necessities needed to survive, for the poor.

I have a dream today.

This is my hope--that every single American and that people in other countries will be successful in achieving big dreams, accomplishing big things, and will live peacefully!

This is my dream for Ohio, America, North America, and the world. My number one dream is to achieve peace and love throughout the world.

I have big dreams!

(Click here to open/print Nicole and two of her classmates' speeches.)

I Have a Dream
by Brock, fifth grade writer

I say to you today that the world is a harsh, violent, and nasty place. It needs to be fixed. Peace needs to come.

I have a dream that people will care for the poor, that poverty will come to an end, that suffering and hunger will be stopped, and homelessness will be demolished.

I have a dream that everyone will be able to be educated, go to college, and get a degree.

I have a dream that the war in Iraq will be gone, that Osama Bin Laden will be found, and that Iraq and Iran will be at peace.

I have a dream that people will care for Mother Earth, that they will not litter or pollute.

I have a dream today.

I have a dream that peace will one day come to Earth, no suffering, war, or poverty.

I have a dream.

I have a dream that the world will come together and we would live as one.

This is my dream, that peace will fill the air and that people will not suffer but have a peaceful life and be educated, that the world would come together and would be as one.

(Click here to open/print Brock and two of his classmates' speeches.)

My Dream
by Anna, sixth grade writer

I say to you today, my fellow Americans, that bullying is a major problem in our society. It will last till worlds end if we don’t do something quick and soon.

I have a dream that people won’t get booted from their educational lives because of fighting or bullying other people.

I have a dream that all schools will be peaceful, peaceful like the middle of the night, with fewer kids going home all bruised up in the sensitive part of their heart from mean actions and words, or bruised in the face. I dream that all the bullies' horrific reputations will be broken and replaced with superior reputations.

I have a dream that there will be fewer headstones in the graveyard that say kids or teens killed themselves just to escape from a bully, because they didn’t feel wanted.

I have a dream that kids will feel love, not just loved by their family and friends, but by everyone. If you have don’t like a person right away, then you should give them a try before you pick a bone with them.

I have a dream today.

I have a dream that, in every person’s heart, there will be a bright sun shining with pretty rainbows instead of dark clouds with rain and a lightning storm.

I have a dream.

I have a dream that every bully's future can turn around so that, at their funeral, people won’t say they were a monster of a human being; they would say instead, they were the brightest of all rainbows across the land.

I have a dream today.

This is my shout-out to every person, whether African or Chinese or whatever: we all need to stop bullying. If you say, “Whatever, I’m just going to sit back and watch them fight,” well, I’ve got news for you: picture your kid coming home with a bruised face or a ripped heart. Perhaps then you’ll stop and care. Please stop bullying. If you don’t, you will see what it can do.

(Click here to open/print Anna and one of her classmate's speeches.)

Student Samples: Middle School

My Dream for America
by Chase, eighth grade writer

I say to you today that each and every one of us must come together, right now, for the good of this nation. For too long, we have been divided among each other. This hatred and ignorance must come to an end.

I have a dream that one day countries of all ethnicities will learn to get along with each other.

I have a dream that one day politicians of the Democratic Party and of the Republican Party will get along and one day form one divine political party.

I have a dream that soon, in our time, this economic recession will disappear from our lives as if it never happened.

I have a dream that one day my dad will soon be reemployed with a well paying job, so he will be off unemployment for good.

I have a dream today.

I have a dream that one day war will end. Then maybe we, as a world, will be able to move forward together.

I have a dream.

I have a dream that one day hunger will come to an end. But only we, as a nation, can help make this possible.

I have a dream today.

This is my dream, my one true vision. This is my hope that we can all come together as one. I speak before you today, to try to better us all. To help try to better our judgment as a nation, as a people, and as a world. Let these words sit upon you and let them in to inspire you.

(Click here to open/print Chase and four of his classmates' speeches.)

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