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Focus Trait: VOICE Support Trait: ORGANIZATION

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This I Believe:

imitating NPR's "This I Believe" broadcasts to create an original podcast about a scientific current event or issue

Student Writer Instructions:

What difference can you make to ensure many generations to come will enjoy the bounty of our oceans?

We can all make a difference in our world. One of the important steps people take when working toward a goal is to write it down. The process of writing helps an author clarify his/her thoughts and feelings. For this assignment, you will investigate an issue that is affecting the health of our oceans. After understanding the details of the problem, you will write an essay about how this problem can be reduced by taking actions.

What difference can you make to ensure many generations to come will enjoy the bounty of our oceans?

Oceans are critical to our health and well-being; they provide us with food, opportunities for work, recreation, and ultimately our species' survival. Just as we all play a part in the problem, we must also take part in the solution. After listening to the pod cast called “Mapping our oceans,” you will choose an area of ocean health that you feel passionate about and want make a difference in (For ideas on which issue to address click here).

After you have decided which issue you are passionately concerned about and willing to take action toward, you will write an essay called “This I believe” that describes why this is such a critical and important topic and how you will make a difference and contribute to the future well-being of the ocean.

The two writing traits you will develop in this essay are voice and organization. In particular you will want to set the mood (the emotion you want the reader/listener to feel) and the tone (your opinion you want the reader to understand). Secondly, you will want to organize your essay to clearly introduce your topic, to clearly describe the nature of the problem, and to establish how your effort will make a difference.

Once you have your reader’s attention, you want to organize your essay so the reader has a clear understanding of the problem and how your actions will make a difference (use the graphic organizer your teachers will give you to help you plan the three pieces of an organized essay.) Pay particular attention to the words you choose, for they will set the mood and tone of the essay, and they have the ability to inspire others in believing that they too have a part to play in the future of the ocean.

After your essay is ready to publish (meaning it has been edited by you and a peer), you can even make an audio recording and post it as an audio blog where other students and members of the worldwide community can be inspired by your ideas.

Which aspect of the ocean should your essay focus on?

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