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Focus Trait: CONVENTIONS Support Trait: WORD CHOICE

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Taking the Un out of Unwritten

teaching prefixes and suffixes while asking students to write about how to live well

Student Writer Instructions:

How do you "live life with your arms wide open?" For today's writing assignment, you will attempt to answer this question.

Your writing may take the form of a well-developed narrative, an essay, or a free-verse poem. It must include colorful details! You can use this sheet to compose your rough draft.

Your goal with this writing is to showcase your knowledge of prefixes, suffixes, and root words. In your final product, you will creatively draw your reader's attention to these three things from your writing.

Choices for Student Writing:

Some prefix choices:
Some Suffix choices:
  • a-, an- (not)
  • alt- (high)
  • anti- (against)
  • auto- (self)
  • bene- (good)
  • bi-, di- (two)
  • cent- (hundred)
  • chron- (time)
  • circum- (around)
  • con-, com- (with)
  • de- (from)
  • dec- (ten)
  • demo- (people)
  • dia- (across)
  • equi- (equal)
  • ex- (out)
  • hyper- (over)
  • in-. im- (not)
  • inter- (between)
  • meta- (change)
  • micro- (small)
  • mono-, uni- (one)
  • multi- (many)
  • non- (not)
  • omni- (all)
  • para- (beside)
  • peri- (around)
  • poly- (many)
  • re- (back, again)
  • retro- (backwards)
  • semi- (half)
  • sub- (under, below)
  • syn- (together)
  • tele- (distance)
  • trans- (across)
  • tri- (three)
  • un- (not)
  • -able, -ible (capable of)
  • -ance, -ancy (state of)
  • -dom (condition, office, state)
  • -ee (one who receives)
  • -er, -or (one who does)
  • -ful (filled with)
  • -fy, -ify (to make into)
  • -ification (the process of making into)
  • -ish (resembling)
  • -ism (characteristic quality)
  • -ist (one who performs)
  • -ity (state of being)
  • -ize (to make into)
  • -ization (the process of making into)
  • -less (without)
  • -oid (resembling, like)
  • -osis (condition)
  • -ous (full of)
  • -ship (state of being)
  • -tude (state of)
  • -ward (direction)

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