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Tribute to an Artist
and his/her Work

A found poem that summarizes big ideas from any artist's life

Student Writer Instructions:

Listen to Vincent, sung by Don McLean. The song is both a tribute to the life of Vincent Van Gogh and his paintings. Inspired by the artist's biography and--at least--one piece of art inspired the poetry in McLean's song.

For this assignment, you will do some research on the life of an artist whose work you admire. You will highlight important words and phrases in the research that help you visualize the artist you have chosen.

Then, using both your highlighted words and (at least) one piece of art from the artists, you will write a found poem that represents the artist's life and the work you have studied.

Your poem will be assessed on how well you develop a theme or interesting statement about the artist and his/her work, and how well your poem focuses on this theme. Your poem will also be assessed on the quality of words you choose to include in your poem's final version.


Interactive Choices for Writing:

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What artist might you focus on for your found poem?

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