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Focus Trait: IDEA DEVELOPMENT Support Trait: VOICE

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With Your Own Two Hands

Writing a "Change the World" Poem after analyzing artists' points-of-view

Student Writer Instructions:

By now, you should have talked as a class about people who changed the world. You should have looked at two optimisitic viewpoints (Ben Harper and Badly Drawn Boy's), and you should have discussed two less-optimistic viewpoints (John Mayer and Hugh Laurie's).

Well, now you have seen that there are lots of different perspectives on whether the world can be changed and how to go about doing it, ask yourself this question: What is your perspective? Are you more like Ben Harper or John Mayer?

Today you will let us know how you feel by writing a poem that you will take through the writing process.

Take a minute or two to process what you’ve seen and heard today, and to think about how you honestly feel. Remember that the focus trait of this poem is idea development which asks that a message or thesis drives your writing. That requires you to think of your message before you begin.

Do a 5 minute pre-write where you brainstorm the most important changes needed in the world and some of the tools you have (or lack) to affect change. Be honest. If you are having trouble thinking of possible tools or possible areas for change, use the two buttons below.

This shouldn’t become a “loaded” poem, in which you have to pretend you can change the world when you really feel you can’t. Search your heart, find your message and stick to it. The support trait is voice, which should come through loudly and clearly in your poem through the words you choose…

When ready, follow the steps of the process that you have come to know and love. Generate a first draft, get two peer responses (all traits…but especially idea development and voice), revise and edit and finally create a polished second draft.

Interactive Choices for Writing:

If you're struggling to start, click the buttons below for some ideas that might inspire you to launch your piece of writing.

 What needs to be changed in the world,
and what tool might change it?




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