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Ulysses: Time Traveler

bringing a world famous hero to a time
(and place) near you!


Student Writer Instructions:

Ulysses is known best for his bravery during the Trojan War, and for his long adventures while returning home to his wife and son after that war.  With your teacher and class, brainstorm as many Greek myths, heroes, monsters, and gods that you've read about .  As you're brainstorming, come up characteristics about these heroes, monsters and gods, as well as settings where these stories might have taken place. What makes them special and unique? Using this comprehensive Greek Mythology website will help in your brainstorming, too!

With your teacher or on your own, read pages 124-128 in The Adventures of Ulysses by Bernard Evslin.  As you read, focus on the conflict between Ulysses and Poseidon and how other gods, monsters, and the setting of the story interfere with the curse that Poseidon puts on Ulysses.  Also as you read, list the descriptive words the writer uses throughout the chapter to describe the trials that Ulysses has endured.

After reading this passage, you'll plan to write an adventure of your own.  The story that you plan will happen in modern times.  While stuck on the completely still ocean, Ulysses will suddenly find himself in modern times.  While there, he must find a mode of modern transportation that can bring him back to his raft on the ocean, so that his ancient adventure can continue.

The first button below will give you characters from mythology.  Might one of them come to the future with Ulysses in your story?

The second button will give you ideas for places to bring Ulysses to.  You can bring him anywhere, so don't be shy about choosing your own setting.

The third button will give you ideas for types of transportation that Ulysses might use to return to his time.

Be organized!  And make good word choices.  Click here for a nice list of on-line adjectives to help you brainstorm!


Interactive Choices for Writing:

If you're struggling to start, click the buttons below for some ideas that might inspire you to launch your piece of writing.


Who from mythology might also go ahead in time with Ulysses?

(Don't be afraid to think of your own hero, god or monster for this prompt, if you can't find one you like here.)


Where might the setting of your modern adventure be?

(Don't be afraid to think of your own setting for this prompt, if you can't find one that you like here.)


What might Ulysses' modern vehicle be?

(Don't be afraid to think of your own vehicle for this prompt, if you can't find one that you like here.)



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