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Tasting an Oxymoron


mixing two unusual flavors
in your writer's notebook
to inspire future descriptive pieces


Student Writer Instructions:

Today you'll be planning to write a three-part description about a person who tastes an oxymoron!

When it's made with words, an oxymoron puts two opposites together. The following are examples of oxymorons: violent pacificst, poor millionaire, jumbo shrimp, stupid genius.

Could we make oxymorons out of tastes? Put two tastes together that might contradict one another? The tongue separates the tastes on purpose. What would happen if we tried to bring two opposing tastes together?

For this writing prompt, you are going to imagine that you (or a character you create) has just been served an oxymoron.

First, you will describe what the concoction looks like.

Next, you will describe taking two tastes of the oxymoron.

Finally, you will show you (or your character) deciding not to finish it.

If you need help coming up with something to write about tasting, use the button below for ideas. If you come up with a new idea that we can add to the button game below, send it to us at: webmaster@writingfix.com.

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