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A Poem For Two Voices
for Dr. Jekyll
& Mr. Hyde

creating partner poems inspired by literature and a song, then writing original poems about new topics


Student Writer Instructions:

In The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Robert Louis Stevenson invents a single character with two distinct personalities and two different voices. Thanks to science and clever writing, the two personalities--Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde--are most often seen as separate identities by the reader.

But what if....? What if two different voices were in the same person at the same time? How would the person act? What would the different voices be saying in his/her head?

Today, you'll be planning and then writing a scene where two voices plague the mind of one character.

Establish both voices so they sound different from each other. Show how your character reacts as he/she hears the conversation between the two voices. Show how others (passers-by) might react to the scene, if they witnessed it.

If you like your scene, why not create an entire story about your dual-voiced character?


Interactive Choices for Writing:

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Ideas for two different voices that might argue inside one character:



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