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comparing different descriptions of
similar objects in one passage


Student Writer Instructions:

Stylin’! Have you ever wondered why you look so great in your hat, tiara, ski cap, football helmet, or whatever it is that you wear on that great lookin’ head of yours? Well, it’s because you know a lot about style! Today you are going to put that knowledge to work! So, straight from the pages of Seventeen, Ski, and Dirt Bike magazine comes today’s writing lesson! Your inspiration for this great (and knowledgeable) piece of writing will also come from John Steinbeck’s The Pearl, where you will find that our hero Kino also knows how to wear a hat with style and purpose.

The first thing you will need to do will be to think seriously about the kinds of things you wear on your head. Why are you wearing that? Does it tell everybody who you are? Do your friends wear this on their heads too? Do you ever hang out with people who wear different stuff on their heads? What does this say about you?

Your next task will be to look at some pictures of all sorts of people, some famous and gorgeous, some just like the rest of us. You and your group will talk about the image that your person and his/her hat are projecting to the world. You will get your chance to tell the class what this person thinks about himself/herself and what they value in their world.

Next to last, you are going to take a good look at John Steinbeck’s very short passage in The Pearl that shows us Kino on the day he is going to sell The Pearl of the World to the pearl buyers. The way Kino wears his hat that day tells us a lot about his strength, dignity, and dreams for his future. Think about your dreams. Do they show in the way you dress? The way you wear your hat?

Last, you are going to write your own paragraph about something you think matters (and the way you show it to the world) by using the interactive writing buttons. These rock because sometimes what you feel deeply starts out as just a feeling, and you just need a couple of words or phrases to get a good start. (For those of you who are against hats, there are topics there for you too.)

No matter what topic you decide on from the interactive buttons, be sure to start your piece of writing with this phrase:

There is a great deal to be seen in . . .


Interactive Choices for Writing:

If you're struggling to start, click the buttons below for some ideas that might inspire you to launch your piece of writing.


There is a great deal to be seen in...




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