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Put 'em on a
Talk Show!

fracturing a fairy tale by putting its
characters on television

Student Writer Instructions:

So if Cindy Ellen and her Cowboy Prince found themselves being interviewed about "true love" on a famous talk show, what interesting questions might the host ask them?  What responses to the host's questions might Cindy Ellen and her Cowboy Prince provide?  How would you write out their responses so that they sounded like they came from the Wild West?

Today, you and a small group will be writing an original script that you will eventually perform in front of the class.  In your script, all group members must have a speaking part.

The subject of your script will be this: characters from a fairy tale are the guests on an imaginary talk show.  While on the show, they must re-tell the story that we know about them as they are interviewed.

Here's your big challenge:  Choose interesting words--perhaps even use dialects--that give your script's characters unique voices.

Before you perform, make sure you rehearse.   And have fun!


Interactive Choices for Writing:

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Fairy Tales you might put on Talk Shows:

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