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Floating Down a River

planning both pacing and details with a graphic organizer

Student Writer Instructions:

In Daisy Comes Home by Jan Brett, Daisy the Hen takes a journey down a Chinese river and meets animals that she must escape from in order to save herself and find her own way home. 

If you didn’t notice how Daisy meets the various animals on her journey, please go back and look at the book again!  Be sure to look at the details Jan Brett shares about each animal, and notice how each animal's encounter is on its own page.

For this writing exercise, you will imagine yourself traveling down a river in a raft or on an inner-tube.   Along the way you will encounter three different animals.

Before you write, you will need to plan an equal amount of details and an equal amount of sentences you will share about each of the three animals. You will also need to plan an introduction to your story and a conclusion.

The graphic organizer your teacher gives you will help you do this. Once you have planned your piece on the graphic organizer, write it out as a story. Spend equal time describing each animal, and try to make your introduction and conclusion be equal in length too.

Interactive Choices for Writing:

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What animals might you meet if you were floating down...


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