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Serendipitous Fairy Tale Tabloids

imitating a newspaper's voice with a funny idea

The writing of authors Colin and Jaqui Hawkins is currently inspiring student writers to try new techniques with the traits of voice and idea development. Join us in teaching (and adapting) this on-line lesson and sharing your students' work.

You can publish up to three of your students' edited and finished stories at this page.

Use these samples to inspire your student writers! Discussing the strengths of published student samples before, while, and after using this on-line assignment is important. If your students are engaged in trait- or skill-inspired discussions about any of the samples we've posted here, they will produce better writing, especially if you help them take their writing all the way through the writing process.

Thank you, those who share their students' writing with us.


Additional Student Samples Being Sought:
Grades 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

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WritingFix is currently seeking additional student samples from this writing assignment that can be featured in this space. Submitted student work must show evidence of revision, editing, and the final draft must be typed and sent through e-mail.

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Student Samples: Early Elementary

Little Miss Muffet Spills Secret Recipe for Curds and Whey
by Daphne, second grade reporter

Little Miss Muffet accidentally told her secret recipe of curds and whey. She spilled this secret on July 10, 2007, during an interview with Oprah on her talk show.

Poor Miss Muffet is now very embarrassed. Now that everybody knows Little Miss Muffet’s secret recipe, she is worried that people will stop coming to her restaurant.

“I just forgot it was a secret,” she said.


Fairy Godmother Ruins Love Potion--Royal Wedding Cancelled
by Annika, third grade reporter

You may believe that the Fairy Godmother is good at her spells, but on July 9, 2008, she messed up badly on a love potion for Cinderella. It is believed that she may have forgotten to say her magic words, “Bibidy, bibidy, bibidy, boo.”

When the love spell did not work, the Handsome Prince called off the wedding. “If it had worked like it was supposed to, the prince would not have called it off,” said a tearful Cinderella. She plans to file a law-suit against Fairy Godmother.

When asked how she felt about Cinderella’s law suit, Fairy Godmother said, “I did not mean to mess up the spell. It isn’t like I can’t make it again.”

The forgetful fairy has offered to fix the potion free of charge if Cinderella agrees to drop the suit. There has been no word yet if Cinderella has agreed to her offer.


Student Samples: Upper Elementary

Sleeping Beauty Being Sued for Smashing Giant Pumpkins
by Hannah, fifth grade reporter

Everyone loves Sleeping Beauty, and how can you not?  That question can now be answered. 

On July 5, 2004, Sleeping Beauty was found smashing the king’s giant pumpkins behind the castle.  In an interview with Snow White the night of the incident, she said, “Sleeping Beauty and I have always been friends, but when I saw her smashing the king’s pumpkins, I called for help immediately!” 

Everyone’s question is: why did she do it?  Our sources say that the night before the incident, the king had forced Sleeping Beauty to clean her room, since all the castle cleaners were on vacation.  “I just asked her to clean her one room!” says the King. 

Sleeping Beauty’s trial was held on July 19th and she was sentenced to one month in prison.  Hopefully, this princess will learn to just listen to her elders, and not throw a tantrum.

Student Sample: Middle School

Good Fairy sentenced for Smashing Gingerbread Men
by Adrianna, seventh grade reporter  

What happens when good fairies go bad?  A question on everyone’s mind. A question that would be answered by none other than…the “Good” fairy. 

On March 23, the “Good” Fairy was sentenced to 40 years in prison for smashing Gingerbread Men.

When the Judge of the not very Supreme Court asked the “Good” Fairy why she was smashing Gingerbread Men, she complained, “Why should my sisters--the Wicked Witches of the East and West--have all the fun? After all, no one’s good all the time, right?  Plus I was sick of the Gingerbread Men. They run red lights, they run in the streets in flocks, and worst of all, they step on my flowers!  So I 'step' on them!"

Truly a loss to our community.  The “Good” Fairy has also paid a total of 80,000 dollars for the poor families that have lost their loved ones.  This has been a horrible tragedy, 1,000 Gingerbread Men, smashed.  Many families heartbroken.  But the “Good” Fairy...caught!


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