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Different-Story Stories

exploring a book's themes, then writing a new story that teaches the same theme

Student Writer Instructions:

A theme is a sentence about a the message a story is trying to teach us. Most great stories have a message that has been decided upon before the author writes the story.

Fox by Margaret Wild is a great story because it has a lot of possible themes or messages it is trying to help its readers connect with. Disabilities can be overcome with the help of friends is one possible theme that Fox might be trying to teach us. If you make a mistake, a true friend will always be there waiting for you is another. Never trust a fox is another.

Can you think of any other themes that Fox is trying to teach us about life? Remember a theme has to be a complete sentence, and it has to speak to a general truth in life.

When you have a list of themes from the story, choose a favorite one. Then...plan a different story--with different characters and a different setting--that teaches the exact same theme.

When you write your story, try to start with a very powerful first sentence (or a series of sentences), so that your reader can't help but want to read the entire story.

Interactive Choices for Writing:

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Could your same-theme/different-story be about a character you create by pushing the buttons below?



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