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Instead of Said
Dialogue Adventures

writing and punctuating a dialogue exchange between a book's dog and its baby

Student Writer Instructions:

Today, you'll be studying how dialogue is punctuated, and you'll be exploring synonyms for the word said.

Inspired by the wordless story told in Good Dog, Carl, you will imagine dialogue that might be exchanged between the baby and its baby-sitter, Carl the dog.

You will write your dialogue out, working very hard to punctuate it perfectly.

You will also work very hard to use a variety of synonyms for the word said in your final draft.

If you press the button below, you will see a variety of words that also mean said. Click the button a few times, write down five of your favorites, then work with a partner to come up with ten more synonyms for said.

Interactive Choices for Writing:

Click the button below for said synonyms.


Instead of said :

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