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The Color of Love

reflecting on colors and the positive
images they evoke

Student Writer Instructions:

After reading I Love You the Purplest by Barbara Joosse, notice that when each son asks his mother, “Who do you love best?”, she answers the question by saying, “Why, ______, I love you the _____.” Her first son she tells that she loves the bluest; her second son she tells that she loves the reddest. Since red and blue combined make purple, she shows her children that she loves them equally.

As you examine the book, you will also notice that Mom says, “I love you the color of a dragon fly at the tip of its wing,” and “I love you the color of the sky before it blazes into night.” When you write your own poem, model that kind of a line. If you were to choose orange, for example, you might say, “I love you the color of a fat jack-o-lantern grinning wickedly on Halloween night.” If you were to choose green, you might say, “I love you the color of the freshly mown grass tickling my bare toes.”

Click on the Imagery Button to explore some ideas about different colors. Then use this template to make a first copy your own poem about someone you love. If you choose to borrow some of the ideas from the Color Button below, be sure to expand those ideas like Barbara Joosse did in her original text.

After you’ve completed, revised, and edited your poem, you might type it and frame it with the color you’ve chosen. Then you might illustrate the borders of the poem or frame with illustrations or with Googled images.

Interactive Choices for Writing:

If you're struggling to start your poem, click the button below for some ideas that might inspire you to launch your piece of writing.


I Love You like...
What color would the following image make you think of?

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