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Haiku Riddles

using just seventeen syllables to create a riddle for your reader

Student Writer Instructions:

Jack Prelutsky's book If Not for the Cat bases its wonderful animal haikus on great word choices.  Prelutsky knows not to use just ordinary words!  He uses fantastic words.  Could you do the same, if you were to write a haiku about an animal not found in Jack Prelutsky's book?  We bet you can.

Press the button below and find one animal to base your perfect animal haiku on.  Plan your haiku by first thinking of an awesome adjective that you're really proud to know and put it in your poem. 

When you have written your animal riddle haiku, create three more riddle haikus to read to a friend.  Your next three haiku riddles should be about something other than an animal!

A traditional haiku has seventeen syllables and a connection to nature:

The lightning flashes!  (5 syllables)
And slashing through the darkness, (7 syllables)
A night-heron's screech.  (5 syllables)
(haiku found on-line http://nyny.essortment.com/howtowritehai_rqau.htm)


A variation of the haiku uses seventeen words:

Over the comma sits period, (5 words)
perched like a vulture on a ledge; (7 words)
we'll call him a semi-colon. (5 words)

Interactive Choices for Writing:

If you're struggling to start, click the buttons below for some ideas that might inspire you to launch your piece of writing.


Need an idea for an animal to "haiku" about?


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