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The Vocabulary
Fashion Show

writing a script for an imaginative fashion show that personifies vocabulary words

Student Writer Instructions:

In Miss Alaineus, the main character--Sage--uses many intriguing and unusual words as she tells the readers about her week in bed and her return to school.  As she talks us through her thoughts about her experiences, she also lets us know that she has not only a lively imagination but also a love for trying out interesting words.

Today, you will be trying out an interesting word using your imagination! 

For this writing assignment, select a long and unusual notable noun, vibrant verb, or amazing adverb or adjective--preferably one of your classroom vocabulary words...like Sage encounters on her vocabulary list.   The button below will give you some ideas for a word...if you really don't have one of your own.

Ask yourself, "If my word was a fashion model on a runway at a fashion show, what kind of outfit would he/she be wearing? How would he/she move up and down the runway as the fashion show announcer explained his/her outfit?"

Draw a picture of your vocabulary word walking up the runway.

Then...write the five- to ten-sentence speech the fashion show announcer would deliver while the model was actually doing the modeling.

Be creative! The runway speech you give about the vocabulary word should do two things: 1) it should show you have knowledge of what your vocabulary word means and 2) it should convince your teacher that you can successfully transform a vocabulary word into a "super model," with all the characteristics that come with a "super model."


Interactive Choices for Writing:

If you're struggling to start, click the buttons below for some ideas that might inspire you to launch your piece of writing.


If you don't have a vocabulary word in mind, here are some interesting words that might appear in a vocabulary fashion show:

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