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Overcoming a
Personified Fear

using transitions to move a reader through an original three-part story

Student Writer Instructions:

What were you afraid of when you were younger that you are no longer afraid of? How did you finally overcome your fear?

In There's a Nightmare in my Closet, we meet a young boy who learns to overcome his fear of the closet. He is so scared of his closet, that he has turned his fear into an actual creature--the nightmare.

We we turn something--like a fear or another emotion--into an actual living creature for a story, we are creating what's called a personification.

For this writing assignment, you will be creating a personification of a fear you had (or maybe still have). You will write a story that has three parts.

  1. First, your story must introduce us to your personified fear and explain how the fear affects your life.
  2. Next, you will explain how you came to the decision to overcome your fear...what was your breaking point?
  3. Finally, you will tell us how you overcame the fear.

As you write your story, use strong transition words (to move from part to part of your story) and be sure to separate your story's parts with paragraphs.

Also, be sure to use lots of memorable details as you explore one of the fears from your past.


Interactive Choices for Writing:

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Ideas for your personified fear story:

There used to be a(n)

in my  ...


Feel free to think of your own noun and location, if you can't find one you like here.


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