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Counting Sentences' Words

...so your sentences' words count more

Student Writer Instructions:

Jane Yolen is a great author when it comes to sentence rhythm.  By using a variety of sentence lengths (how many words?) and sentence beginnings (what is the first word?), her writing has a wonderful flow to it.  Don't believe us?  Read Owl Moon aloud.  You'll hear what people mean when they say that writing has "sentence fluency."

Today your writing task is to take a simple sentence and turn it into a five- or six-sentence descriptive paragraph.  As you write, use details, but also try to compose a variety of sentences.  Make most have different lengths, and go back and forth between longer and shorter sentences.  Also...start mostly with different words.

When done, read your paragraph aloud to a friend and see if your friend can hear your sentence fluency and sentence rhythm!

Interactive Choices for Writing:

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