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Special Place

writing setting poems that can be linked together to be read as a whole-class poem

Student Writer Instructions:

You have read and enjoyed the beautiful images of many different settings in Douglas Wood’s picture book A Quiet Place. Today you will write a descriptive poem that imitates the style in this book.

Think of a special place in your own life or choose one from the interactive prompt generator below.

Use the graphic organizer to brainstorm details and descriptive words that you can use. Then arrange the words and phrases into a poem, following the model from A Quiet Place and any samples your teacher shows you.

Interactive Choices for Writing:

Hit each button below once, and you'll be given a random setting.  Compose a free-verse or rhyming poem or (a descriptive paragraph, if you ask permission) that paints with words and poetic elements the location that pops into your mind.  Keep clicking the buttons below until the perfect options are revealed for you.

You may also choose a setting for this assignment that is personally special to you.

Use poetic tools to write about this place:


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