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Welcome to this Lesson:

"Oh, That's Good!" "No, That's Bad!"

writing an original sequence of events based on a picture book's easy-to-imitate structure

This lesson was created by NNWP Consultant,
Karen Sumersille
, at an inservice sponsored by the Northern Nevada Writing Project.

The mentor text:

That's Good! That's Bad! is a delightful pattern book that your students will love to help you read aloud. If you challenge them to create their own "That's Good, That's Bad" stories, they will eagerly write for you! When students eagerly write, they take revision more seriously!

Three-Sentence Overview of this Lesson:

How can something that is good, be bad…and something that is bad, be good? Inspired by the pattern and concept in Margery Cuyler’s picture book That’s Good! That’s Bad!, students will brainstorm a sequence of related events as the story moves from good to bad and back again. Students are challenged to be original with their ideas within this safe structure. Teachers: Click here to see the entire lesson plan.

6-Trait Overview for this Lesson:

The focus trait in this writing assignment is organization; the graphic organizer will assist students at creating a sequence of events as the story goes from good to bad, and from bad to good.  The support trait in this assignment is idea development; writers are asked to brainstorm memorable details that move the story along logically.

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