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The Presidential
Quotation Report

organizing a president report based on quotations said by the president

Student Writer Instructions:

You will be writing a presidential report that--like Frank Keating's Theodore--is inspired by quotations that were actually said or written by the president you are researching.

Work with your teacher to choose a president, to choose some quotations said by your president, and to gather facts that explain why your president said those things during his lifetime.

To help you start thinking about what presidential quotes mean, click the button below to play the interactive presidential quote game.

A quote will pop up. If you scroll down using the arrows just to the right of the quote, you will be able to see which president said the quote.

Discuss what you think the quotation might mean and why you think the president might have said it during his lifetime.

Interactive Presidential Quote Game:


Which U.S. President said this?


With each quote, talk about 1) What the quote might mean, and 2) Why you think the president might have said that.

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