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Focus Trait: VOICE Support Trait: IDEA DEVELOPMENT

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Voicing an Original
Fairy Tale Narrator

creating a unique fairy tale based on three little voices and one big bad voice

The writing of author Jon Scieszka is currently inspiring student writers to try new techniques with the traits of voice and idea development.

Join us in teaching (and adapting) this on-line lesson and sharing your students' work.

You can publish up to three of your students' edited and finished stories at this page.

Use these samples to inspire your student writers! Discussing the strengths of published student samples before, while, and after using this on-line assignment is important. If your students are engaged in trait- or skill-inspired discussions about any of the samples we've posted here, they will produce better writing, especially if you help them take their writing all the way through the writing process.

Thank you, those who share their students' writing with us.

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Grades 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

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From Mrs. Feige's classroom
My Jungle Fairy Tale

by Carson, third grade writer

Once there was a jungle with a cheetah that was so fast and sneaky. Next door, there were three little monkeys that were crazy and wild.

When the first little monkey built his house out of bananas, the cheetah said, “I’ll jump, I’ll hop, and I’ll wreck your house down!” When he moved on to the second little monkey’s house (this house was made out of leaves), the cheetah said, “I’ll jump, I’ll hop, and I’ll wreck your house down!” He did and he was a little hungry so he ate the two monkeys up.

Now the third little monkey’s house was made out of trees. When the cheetah said, “I’ll jump, I’ll hop, I’ll wreck your house down,” he couldn’t do it. So the monkey made a scary mask and he frightened the cheetah away forever. The third little monkey lived happily ever after in his house made of trees.

(Click here to view/print Carson and two of his classmates' stories)

From Mrs. Ritz's classroom
The Three Deer
by Marcus, fifth grade writ er

Once upon a time, there was a big rhinoceros that always got picked on by three little deer. It might sound weird that three little deer can make a huge rhinoceros upset by picking on him, but they did. Nobody believes the rhinoceros’s story. Here is his real story…

I am the big rhinoceros; all of my friends call me Ryan. This story of the three little deer and me is so true. It started when I was getting my exercise by running a couple of miles on the plains. Suddenly, the three deer interrupted me by standing in the path that I was running on. In my squeaky, little voice I said, “Excuse me, deer.”

One of the deer said, “No, make me move out of the way!”

After he said that sentence, I knew that this was going to be a contaminated circumstance. Sweat rushed down my horn and onto my skin.

“In order for you to keep going, you have to race me to that river over there!” shouted the second deer.

I didn’t have time to play, and I didn’t want to race them. I could have beaten them in the race anyway, but I still didn’t want to. I replied in my squeaky little voice, “No, thanks, I don’t have time to race.”

Suddenly, the third deer threw a bees’ nest onto my back. “Uh-oh! Ow, ow, ow, owwww!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. Well, since the bees stung me and hurt me so much, I accidentally rammed into the deer. I couldn’t help ramming into the deer because the bee stings hurt so badly.

Now everyone thinks that I beat up the deer. I am telling you, this is the real version of the story. I’m a nice rhinoceros; I wouldn’t do something like that on purpose!

(Click here to view/print Marcus and one of his classmate's stories)

From Mrs. Day's classroom
The Bear and the Three Fat Fish
by Alexis, sixth grade writer

Oh, dear Lord! I can't believe they don’t believe me! I was honest about what happened. I don't know what their problem is. Anyways, my name is Bubbii Bear. I'm going to tell you the truth about the three fat fish that lived in the ponds.

Y’see, I was in the woods, looking for something to eat. Then, I figured I could ask the three fat fishes if they knew where I could get some grub. So, I walked out of the woods and went to the first fish’s pond. I stood in front of his pond and called, "Mr. Fishy, Mr. Fishy ....... are you there?"

Then he replied, "Stay away Bubbii, n' go eat some honey!"

I got mad and roared. I guess it shook his pond so much that it killed him. Who knew it would? He was floating on top of the water, and I couldn't let a good fish go to waste, so, I ate him.

After that, I walked over to the second fish’s pond. I stood there and said, "Mr. Fishy, Mr. Fishy ....... are you there?"

He yelled back, "Stay away, bear, you're gonna get my pond full of hair!"

He was ruder than the other one. That made me so mad that I roared even louder than before. I guess it shook his pond, same as the first, 'cause it killed him too. Now, I couldn't just leave a fish as juicy as that floating on the water, so I ate him too.

Then, I walked over to the third fish’s pond and stood there. I called, "Mr. Fishy, Mr. Fishy ....... are you there?"

He growled back, "Stay away, Bubbii Bear! Go do something with your crummy, honey hair!"

I was shocked at first, but then I got so mad that I roared even greater than before. Nothing happened. I was so mad that I kept roarin' and shoutin'. Soon enough, some other bears came and took me away. Now I'm in this bear prison with a bunch of criminals! I didn't even do anything wrong!

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