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Relative Report Narratives

organizing a bad-situation-that-gets-worse descriptive tale

Student Writer Instructions:

Today you'll be planning--then writing--a story about a humorous household accident that goes from bad to worse

You may write a story completely made up from fictional ideas, or you may base it on a true story that you've heard or experienced first-hand.

The narrator of your story will be the younger or older sibling of the character who has experienced the accident.  Like Margie Palatini does in Tub-boo-boo, you will begin and end your story as though you are the sibling of the accident victim, reporting on the events from the front lawn...like a newscaster on television news.

The accident that is being reported on in your story must go from bad to worse several times before the situation is resolved.  Remember how many things got caught in the bathtub spigot before the little brother's toe got extracted?  Your story must do the same.

Your teacher will provide you with a graphic organizer to plan your story out before you start writing it.  Have fun with this assignment, and really try to be organized while playing with voice.

Interactive Choices for Writing:

If you're struggling to start, click the buttons below for some ideas that might inspire you to begin your piece of writing.


Ideas for humorous household accidents:

(It's okay to come up with your own idea for an accident for this assignment)

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