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Four Metaphor Poetry

stretchiiiing a metaphor four times to build a poem

Student Writer Instructions:

In Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge,  Mem Fox's characters share wonderful metaphors about memory to help tell the story of a young boy and his friend, Miss Nancy.    Since Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge is so young, one doubts he'll be able to help someone as old as Miss Nancy.  But when Wilfrid brings the book's other characters' metaphors to life by placing them into Miss Nancy's hands, she regains her detailed memories.

 For this writing assignment, you will be creating four interesting metaphor for something other than memory.  For example, you might make four metaphors for happiness or for thunder. The first button below will give you ideas for nouns to make metaphors for, if you have trouble coming up with your own.

The second button below will provide you with other nouns that might be compared to your first noun...nouns that might bring the noun to life in a brand new way.  Press the buttons a lot.  Don’t settle for just any idea.  Find one that works for you. 

 You will create four different metaphors for your first noun, using interesting details.  Focus on your verbs, nouns, and adjectives as you create details.

Finally, you will assemble your details into a poem like the poem at right. 

My Poem for Miss Nancy
by Jenna T., 9th grade writer

A memory is a tarnished copper coin concealed under leaves in the gutter on the walk home from school, waiting for a child to find it.  Or is it?

A memory is the warm smell of fresh bread, wafting from your mother's kitchen, teasing one's taste buds an hour before dinner.  Or is it?

A memory is that texture of sand pebbles scratching between the toes of beach-goers who dash towards the tide.  Or is it?

A memory is the nameless song that you hear on the radio that always makes you think of that certain someone, and that always makes you want to dance.  Or is it?

Interactive Choices for Writing:

If you're struggling to start, click the buttons below for some ideas that might inspire you to launch your piece of writing.


What can this interesting noun ...

(It's okay to come up with your own interesting noun here, if you're not inspired by any of ours!)

...be compared to?

(It's okay to come up with your own comparative noun here, if you're not inspired by any of ours!)


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