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Fracturing Tales
through Titles

using EMPHASIS in a fairy tale scene
inspired by a clever title

Student Writer Instructions:

Bob Hartman simply switched a few words in an well-known fable's title (The Boy Who Cried Wolf) to create his very funny picture book, The Wolf Who Cried Boy.  No doubt, once the title was created, lots of funny ideas just came to Mr. Hartman.

Today, you're going to try the same idea.  First, you'll select a real fairy tale or fable title, and you'll switch or change some words to make a new (perhaps funnier) title.

Once you have a new title, you'll think of all the possible scenes that might take place in your fractured tale.  Choose the most interesting-sounding scene, and prepare to write it.  

Your scene will be written in first-person point of view (your narrator will use I and me).  It will contain both dialogue and narration.  And...like Bob Hartman did with The Wolf Who Cried Boy...you some techniques to give emphasis to the most emotional words.

Fractured fairy tales are fun, so you BETTER have fun writing this!


Interactive Choices for Writing:

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Titles you might toy with:

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